From The Beginning

Authentic, original and bold. These qualities define the Kaku Kayak brand and our paddlecraft as well. As the founder, Kevin grew up on the waters of Florida. When asked if he couldn't paddle regularly, he simply said, "that would suck. Paddling has an almost euphoric effect. For me, this isn't a business. It's what I genuinely love to do."

Kaku Kayak paddlecrafts perform like no other. Designs are clean without a variety of add ons and unnecessary hatches, which can raise the cost. Anglers have the ability to set up based on individual needs, including the minimalist to the over rigger who wants to bring everything. With Kaku Kakak, you'll have the confidence to handle any condition Mother Nature may throw at you.

We're proud to say we do things a little differently around here. Our approach to high performance is aggressive. Our paddlecrafts designs are versatile. At Kaku Kayak, we're passionate about designing the ultimate water experience.